So the new venture begins..

I have always had a passion for all things “Quirky” and have also enjoyed sewing and card making. In the past I have made Christmas cards and successfully sold them at craft fairs and Christmas evenings at various schools. I have always had a sewing machine and have made clothes for myself and made a promise that if I had girls would make clothes for them and teach them how to sew…. I had boys! Boys clothes are boring and not as easy to make, so unfortunately that didn’t happen, although I did once make my husband a waistcoat and bow tie for a ball we were attending.

Having my own business has been in my thoughts forever, but not easy to achieve. My neighbour and I thought about opening a cafe in our town, selling homemade cakes, scones, and all things tasty but getting the funding to do this would prove difficult, and now we are over run with coffee shops. I wanted to work from home doing something I enjoyed doing and would love to come home from the day job and not find it a chore to do.

After I made hampers for Christmas gifts for family and friends containing all homemade gifts, which included napkins, chutneys, candles and Limoncello, to name a few items, which were all well received, decided that I am more than capable to make items for a business and I was going to give it a “damn good try”

I started with my napkins and people have loved the ones they have received as gifts and from here I made cards and other gifts and the feedback so far is positive.

So “The new venture begins” …  All items that you see can be made to order, but the fabrics and designs of cards may vary as I like to be “unique and quirky”. If you see something that grabs your fancy and you want the identical item, please contact me and we can chat about it. I tend to source fabric in small amounts to be able to stay unique, but can make items to your requirements.

Napkins are sets of 4 in contrasting fabric, but if you would prefer 4 or more in the same fabric, please contact me and we can take it from there.

If you require a set of invites for a party, this can be done to… e mail your requirements and I will put a proof together and let you see before you decide.


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