If you can remember my post from March 16th, a friend asked me to put a vest top onto the front of a black bag as she liked the tiger.

Here is the finished product and I am quite pleased with it, even if I say so myself. I am hoping my friend will like it and maybe someone else has something similar they wold like done?

Don’t forget Easter is only just over 2 weeks away. Do you send Easter cards? Have you got your Easter cards? Take a look at the selection I have and more can be made to order – very affordable

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Spring is in the air and spring cleaning needs to be done. Who’s mum, grandma, Aunty, sister or anyone you know wear an apron. I know my mum does and so does my good friend. Take a look at this one that is new off the sewing machine today. Very quirky and reservable. 100% cotton and totally washable. Measures approx 17″ x 21″

More can be made to order and I intend  for them all to be different. Very affordable and lovely gift. Mother’s Day has gone, but there must be birthdays looming!

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