Before my flare up…

….I had made a few more items, but unfortunately was unable to share them with you, because my fibromyalgia decided to flare up. Although I do find crafting and making items for you good folk very therapeutic, and sometimes it does take my mind off the  debilitating pain. However, this week it wasn’t meant to be.  Anyway less of me and more about what I have made.

I often wonder why the majority of us don’t send thank you cards or letters anymore? Or if we do, its normally a quick e mail or text message; but I think there is nothing more lovely than receiving something through the post from someone you have given a gift too, visited, had dinner with or stayed with. Thank you cards can be very versatile and used for quite a few occasions.

I decided that I would try my hand at some simple thank you cards. these are very quirky and unique, because they are handmade and not all the same size. Also I don’t think I have ever seen any like these in any shop. I could make them individually, but decided that a set of 6 is a good idea, then there you have six dinners you attend, gifts you receive and you don’t have to go to the shops.

When I was growing up I  remember my mum and my grandmothers always had thank you cards to hand. This is something I am trying to adopt for myself and pass on to my boys.

All an be made to order and can be left to me to decide what would be on the front. If you had preferences that’s Ok too – just message me. I hope you like this first six as much as I do. very quirky and loved making them and these could be used for “thank you’s” for children after a party.


This set is  a little more conventional and more “grown up”. These blogs are to show you what I can do so am open to ideas and obviously personalised orders can be taken…


All sets of cards made will be left blank, apart from “Thank you on the front”, to add your own message.

How many times have you bought wine for a gift and forgot to buy something to put it in? Or taking wine to a dinner party and wondering what to carry it in?  We do quite a lot and it becomes quite frustrating. I also find “bottle bags” boring and much of a muchness, my opinion only, so here is my take on a fabric bottle bag. This could be given to the host as a gift with the wine in, or simply just to carry the wine in. This is the first one I have made, but handles could be added to them so you have a bottle carrying bag.

Again I think these are quite “quirky and unique” as I haven’t seen them anywhere. The nearest I got was whilst wine tasting at the ‘mecca’ of wine tasting Chateau Neuf du Pape, I bought a basket kind of bottle bag for three bottles that we used to carry wine to dinner parties, but at some point I must have left it with the host and it was never seen again. Obviously not a good friend as I would have seen it again…

These will be made in various fabrics and are very inexpensive.

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