Annual Leave from my day job and…

…another order completed.

I was asked to make a gift and card for a friends ageing Aunty.

My friend said:

” What do you buy someone at 85 who has everything?”

She will only say:

“Oh don’t bother dear”

when you ask:

“What would you like for your birthday?”

So my friend didn’t ask her aunt and asked me to make a half apron, cushion and card. Her aunty loves anything “unique and quirky”, something that is homemade, so where to come but to me and I was “soooooo” happy.

Her Aunty, although 85, is active and loves baking and cooking, always, apparently, contributing to family parties.     The apron can be reversible and has a contrasting pocket on one side. The cushion cover is duck egg blue, with printed birds on one side and contrasting patch on the plain side. These items are all unique and although covers are covers and aprons are aprons, no two will be the same. For more information, please send me a message and we can discuss details.

In addition to her Aunts birthday, it was her nieces 3rd birthday and again, my friend wanted something unique and something no one else would have thought to buy. I was unsure, but after discussion, she decided on an elephant and also another cushion for her nieces bedroom. I love the idea or buying or making gifts for family and friends. They are personal and obviously well thought out.

All my made elephants, although a similar pattern, are unique as no two will be in the same fabric and also with the cushion, no two will be the same.


Contact me for more information about any items you see, or wish to have made.

Have a great day and a fantastic Easter, if I don’t get to post again.

Not to late for Easter cards if you live locally….But again there is always next year  🙂



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