Just a few more additions….

Hope you all had a good Easter and those of us who believe had a blessed time and could reflect on why we have  and celebrate Easter.

Although celebrating Easter, we were privileged to attend my sister’s “50th Birthday bash” a great time had by all and it was an amazing evening.

I did make her a couple of things for her birthday along with buying a theatre voucher. I, of course, had to buy fizz, no celebration with my fab sis is never complete without fizz, but didn’t want to use a bought bottle bag, so adapted the pattern I have for regular bottles to fit a wider fizz/champagne bottle – she loved it and this is something she can keep, use when they go to a dinner party or pass on with a gift of fizz to her friends… I also gave her a beautiful cushion which matched fabric n the bottle bag and again she loved. The colour, pattern and she already has found a place for it… The cards she loved and remember all these items can be made for you, friends or family…All can be found in the shop and are all very affordable

In addition to this, I also produced a set of 6 thank you cards for a customer. These, again, can be personalised, can be elaborate, can be simple and can really be anything you wish.

These are sold in packs of 6, but can be made individually, but f you are anything like me, it is always useful to have a few “Thank you” cards to hand.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember please share “Quirky Napkins and Gifts” with your, your friends and just about anyone you meet…

Until the next time…   🙂

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