Bank holiday weekend =

….creating. Well a least some of it, when I wasn’t told off by my eldest son for not relaxing, but I actually find it relaxing and I can escape into my own world, with music and thoughts.

I tried my hand a friendship cards, which turned out better than I thought as I haven’t really used stamps before and when I practiced I made a “hash” of them. I have made these in the smaller design and am going to make more, but of course they can be made to order. Also, if you have any suggestions, they will be welcome.

It is my brother in laws birthday soon and my hubby traditionally gives him a bottle – so another opportunity to make another bottle bag. All the ones I have made so far are different and again can be made to order. You can also request a colour scheme. I think these are rather “quirky” and make a bottle of wine/fizz special.

I have really loved making the bags I have made and with the time to be able to be in my little sewing room (Thank you F1 and football) I decided to make a reversible tote bag. I am very impressed with the outcome and again these will/can be made to order. I love bags and think a girl can never ever have enough bags..

This one is 100% cotton, very sturdy and washable.

If you would like to look at more products then please take a look at my shop. Requests can be taken and all the gifts and cards are affordable and make perfect gifts.

Hope you have a fantastic Bank Holiday Monday if you are here in the UK, anywhere else in the world have a great day…

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