Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun, and I say, where are you “sunnies”?
Mine are stuffed in a bag in a horrible black hard case which, yes, protects them for being sat on, or protection through the winter. So when the sun shines, do you really want a horrible black heavy case in your beautiful summer bag? We are all sensible and wouldn’t sit on them – would we? 😉

How about a beautiful, reversible 100% cotton or linen sunglasses protective pouch? I think they are an accessory and could be colour coordinated to whatever you are wearing, why stick at one colour.

Here are my take on a sunglasses pouch/cover – also could be used for your glasses. If you are anything like my husband you need something to protect them from falling out of his pocket, because his case is to bulky…He even looses them of his head…

I love the vibrant colours and I have lots of fabric to offer so any combination is possible.

Chose your colour theme and I will do the rest.
Chose whether you would like a button fasten or tie fasten, the choice is yours.


Why not give your sunglasses a treat and give them a summer coat to wear…Very reasonable price and all handmade, take a look. all quirky and all slightly different, no two pattern combinations will be be duplicated.

If you have a particular colour combination not listed then please e mail/message me.

I intend to make masculine versions on receipt of the ordered fabric

Have a great evening and week and I will be back very soon…Dickie bows in the making and an evening bag for a very special person…

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