Bows and Bags…

My middle son is away at university and next month is their annual summer ball. He asked me to make him a bow tie, so he could be unique and different from his friends with traditional the traditional black. I just love a ball and getting dressed up and my son is just the same.

I really enjoyed this project as it was my son and know he will be proud to wear it. I haven’t advertised this in the shop as I have only made the one. However, I can make more if they prove popular.

He chose a tartan fabric, which I thought was a little dull, as the previous one he had worn was colourful and it was his dads.

With my son sorted out, his young lady needed something too. Not sure what to do, I decided an evening bag would be the best thing.

We recently attended a family 50th, where it was “black tie” and she wore the most stunning dress, so why not make something that would match.  I have shown her the bag and she loved it and hopefully I have the colour right and it will match the dress.

The bag has a flat bottom so not to topple and the bow on the front is enough to keep the over flap down. Fully lined and a useful accessory.

I have not added this to the shop either, but am more than happy to make similar ones if anyone requires them. As again quirky and unique for “TH”   🙂



….and has predicted, my son would now like a “Dickie Bow” to match…… so back to the machine, but I know he will make use of this one.

The weekend is almost upon us again and I look forward to family time, sewing time and I have to make some cards as I have a few birthdays coming up.

Thank you for all your support and reading my news – see you soon 🙂


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