Whoo Hoo, my first International order..

….how exciting. 🙂

My Aunty is visiting from Arizona in the US and came to stay with my parents for a while. She loved my bags, napkins and many things, but am so happy she has ordered a bag and a set of “Thank you” cards.

My  products are going to the US and to Arizona, lets hope she shares them all with her friends over there. I do have other family and friends across the pond – so if you are reading this don’t forget to take a look at the shop….

My Aunty requested a tote bag, that was suitable for the Arizona weather and also with handles she could put over her shoulder, but not to long as she isn’t very tall. After much deliberation and discussion I bought some fabric in to make the bag. It is 100% cotton and totally washable. She hasn’t seen it yet as she is to collect next week, but I am sure she will be happy with it.

Preparation for the fete is gaining momentum and the jewellery collection is growing and I will soon be adding some to the shop, as I think you would like it.

Here is a little taster…


These are a selection of my necklaces, individual pictures to follow. Below more pictures of what can be expected.


I will post some jewellery to the shop soon and I hope you like what you see and please share all my pages with your family and friends…

Have a good evening and see you on the next blog….

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