It’s been a couple of weeks….

It has been a couple of weeks since I actually shared with you. I have been suffering with my condition but am glad to say after three weeks of feeling rough I am beginning to feel a bit better. So time to show you what I have been up to before I wasn’t well and what I have done in the last day or so.

Fete preparation continues and only two more weeks to wait. Don’t forget if you are local and follow me, pop by and see what I have and here is a reminder of the event.

I have been busy with various things, more napkins, beach bags, children’s drawstring makeup/toiletry bags, jewellery  and more cards of different varieties. Some of these items are for the fete and will be added to my shopping page after the fete, some will be added soon as they can be duplicated, but not the exactly the same, as I like to be unique, as you know !

Here we have a gorgeous large, fully lined and reversible, if you wish, beach bag, large shopping bag. It has large pockets sturdy well attached handles and is very versatile. You can see from the pictures it is a large bag, but if you want exact measurements, please message me and I will measure the bag for you.

This is a gift I made for a friend as we went for dinner and was not sure what to take, as we have known our friends for almost 20 years and we have been having dinner together for this amount of time and I have taken many bunches or flowers, chocolate and candles. So this time there was nothing better than something I had made. A beautiful apron, which we chuckled about – because if you knew our friend like we do, she always has an apron, whether on holiday, which we have witnessed, or at home or at her Church where she regularly helps with coffee after services and the food bank.

Aprons can be made to order, if a particular colour is required and napkins are always in stock as I make them regularly. All are made in coordinating fabrics, just let me know which colour scheme you would like and I will put a pack of four together for you. See my shop for prices.

here we have a little set of small drawstring makeup/toiletry bags. Some are ideal for children. I know my boys have always liked there own toiletry bags when we travel. These are totally washable and are also reversible

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I hope you like some new additions and I will add to my shop… I have also made more cards and will add to the shop.

Thank you all for your continued support…I love what I do and hope you enjoy my blog and my items I make. As always lots of ideas buzzing around and will come to fruition.

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