I Know it’s only September, but…

…I really had to start making Christmas Cards and I have also started to make Christmas Napkins. I will be making place mats and hopefully table runners too. My Christmas cards are unique and at present there is only one of each.

If you are anything like us, you normally send lots of cards and you look in the shops and hope that you can find good value for money.  I appreciate that sending everyone a handmade card could be very expensive. Therefore, why not separate out your good friends with people you send a card to because you have to, like neighbours, work colleagues and those people that have sent you a card every year, so you feel obliged to send one back.  These are the people that you can look in the shops for value for money cards, then send a special handmade card for those special friends, family members and that someone special.

The cards shown are not personalised, but I can personalise a card and even design one especially for you.  I will add all these cards to the shop and my idea was to sell them in sets of six. Therefore you would receive a beautiful collection of individual cards for that special friend, or someone who deserves that extra special thought. Of course the cards can be bought individually, All the cards are blank so you can add your own message.
The cards are all  handmade and  approx 11cm x 15cm, envelopes included …

If you require personalisation, then please contact me and when the card is finished I will mail you a picture to ensure you are happy before actually purchasing it.

Here is sneak preview of the first of the Christmas napkins – I will be adding more to the collection and again, like my non seasonal napkins will be sold in a set of 4 contrasting colours. If you would like a matching set, then please contact me and we can chat about your requirements. In addition to the napkins I will be making place mats with matching napkins. Watch this space…

I always love to hear from you and if you have suggestions, then please feel free to email or message me.

Remember  – I have other items for sale and lots of my handmade jewellery, bags etc would make ideal Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or just because gifts.

Happy Sunday all and be back soon.


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