Art Work

3D filled picture boxes and word art...

The above is a selection of my art work that have all been made to order.

The absolutely gorgeous 3D filled boxed pictures can come in different sizes, contain different sentiments, and can be adapted for any occasion such as  a Christening, Birthday, Wedding or just a gift for a friend. All handmade and very affordable.

How often do you want to send something for the new-born along with a congratulations card? I know I do and then by the time I get round to it I always buy clothes or something predictable.
Clothes are lovely but I bet the new mum is bombarded with clothes.
These framed elephant pictures with the babies name and including a birth congratulations card to match have proved very popular. All are made to order and the colours of elephants will vary. No two will be the same.  What a beautiful quirky, unique gift, that will be treasured forever.

Word art is also a popular gift. With these you can express all the words about someone. They can be made in various designs and again all made to order. I gave my nniece and nephew one last Christmas and they loved them and loved the fact I had added all the things they like to do and love.
Two of the above are for Christmas this year (2018). I will create the picture then send via  e mail for you to aprove. You will be given the opportunity to change any elements of it you don't like.

All you need to do to secure any of the following items is contact me .