Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way


The items on this page will change as we move through the year, relecting the seasons and occasions - Keep an eye out for special seasonal offers...

Christmas is upon us...  and I have made some more Christmas decorations that would look wonderful on your tree.

Filled glass baubles always look amazing on the tree as the lights make them glisten.
I try to make them all different and baubles can be made to order. I do have some in stock but they are going fast.

All priced affordably and  I believe  the baubles would  make lovely gifts.  
The other decorations are wire  stars and Christmas trees enhanced with ribbons and embellishments .

Again they  look amazing on the tree and are very popular.

In addition to decorations I have gifts and can make gifts. Orders have already started to come through.

What Christmas table wouldn't be complete without homemade quirky, unique napkins.   I have some in stock, but all can be made to order.

The napkins come in sets of six and are all different and individual. They look great on the table and they do create a talking point. However, if you wish them to be all the same design, please contact me.

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