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More bags…

Another bag order, for a young lady who chose her own fabric and whether she wanted pockets or not.

I just love what I am doing and have got hundreds of ideas buzzing round in my head…If you have any ideas of what you would like to see me try and make, then just let me know. In the meantime here are the pictures of the bag that is already to post out.

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How chuffed am I? I sold a few items over the weekend and also took an order for another bag – Whoo Hoo. I absolutely love what I do and making things that brings smiles to peoples faces. I am so pleased that you are all supporting me and making what I do enjoyable.

Here pictures of what was sold – if you require something similar, please get in touch

I try to make all my items unique and quirky, so colour, patterns and shapes will vary.

If you want to see a sample of fabrics I carry, please get in touch. New fabric is being sourced regularly.

Thank you all for your ongoing support 🙂

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Just another little bag…

What else has a girl to do when she has some free time?

I decided that I would add another bag to the collection and I have to say I love the colour and the spots. I am a sucker for spots and stripes, but spots win always..

This little bag is approximately 13″ x 8″ and fully lined, all washable and could be reversed if desired, the handles are short and would make a perfect everyday bag. It would also be used as a knitting bag, craft bag or a sewing bag.  There are no pockets in this bag, but similar ones can be made and pockets added.  The fabric will be different too as I try to make them all different.

A perfect gift, a treat for yourself or someone special and very affordable

My hubby and I celebrated 27 years married yesterday, so I made a card for him – just thought I would share it. If you require one similar or any card for any occasion then just let me know. All my cards are handmade and either small or large – £1.25 for a small one approx 11cm x 15cm envelopes included and £1.75 for a large one approx 14.5cm x 21cm, envelopes included.

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Busy weekend…

I have had a lovely weekend with my family and also in my little sewing room (Thank goodness for football again last evening). We had a lovely meal out in “The Bubble”, and at one of our favourite restaurants “Birdies”  @birdies41  – where we are going Friday for our wedding anniversary –  Sir Bob Geldof (#Bobgeldof) was spotted enjoying, what would have been without a doubt, a beautiful meal – can’t wait until Friday

I made a gift and a card for my friend at work, but can’t share that with you until tomorrow after she has seen it. I finished the bow tie which you have seen and I have also made this gorgeous tartan bag.


Its petite and only approximately 10″ x 8″. It is fully lined and has short handles. It would be a great smart bag or an occasional bag in my opinion, but it is only my opinion.  The bag could be reversed, to reveal a plain lining. However, the handles would still be tartan. I love this and if no one snatches it u may have to use it myself…

I also took the opportunity to add more cards to my collection. A selection of “unique, quirky” cards, which can be found in my shop.

Anyway – gift and card to follow – but have a great week and thank you for all your support.  🙂