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More bags…

Another bag order, for a young lady who chose her own fabric and whether she wanted pockets or not.

I just love what I am doing and have got hundreds of ideas buzzing round in my head…If you have any ideas of what you would like to see me try and make, then just let me know. In the meantime here are the pictures of the bag that is already to post out.

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So today…

…sitting at my desk, doing my day job and my colleague, friend arrives at work and asks me to either make thisIMG_2908

into a black bag or attach it to this bag


Another personal make for someone – how exciting. Finished product will follow

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For my friend…

I am so chuffed to be able to share with you the filled cushion I was asked to make by my friend. She had only one shirt left from her dad who had sadly passed away. She asked me to turn the shirt into a dad cushion and  if I could have it ready for the anniversary of his death and so I obliged.

Angie was so so chuffed with the end result and it made her very happy and this is something that she can look at and think of her dad.

Angie thank you for asking me to do this for you xx


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Another day and a couple of additions..

I loved making the nappy bag as a gift and was so pleased with the outcome, I decided to try my hand at a different shape. I decided that I would make one for myself and something that I could use as a bag or maybe something I could take to “the day job” with my lunch in instead of the supermarket carrier bag.

A versatile bag, which could be reversed, and completely washable. This bag can be made in various colours, designs  and would again make an ideal gift at an affordable price. 100% soft cotton and I love it and am sure you will too.

This cute canvas is an addition to my collection. This would make and ideal gift for a baby and again can be made with various colours. I am working on other animals and they can be personalised if necessary.  Very simple idea and very affordable



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